COVID19 Cyber Security Tips

Easy COVID19 Cyber Security Tips for Professional to Work-from-Home

Security Monitoring

Suspicious activities should be monitored 24/7 CRT by the IT team.

Training &  Awareness

The employees should be trained and made aware of identifying phishing emails and other cyber attacks.

Check and Download

The file extension should be verified and checked Before downloading an application or any file on the system.

Documentation of changes

Any changes made into the system should be documented for later on the reference in case of any disaster happening.

Only allow known Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks should be avoided as much as possible instead known Wi-Fi networks should be used.

VPN  authentication

When using the VPN facility, multi-factor authentication should be used. Computer VPN endpoint protection and Secure remote access. Disable remote access unless if not required.

Update-to-date Systems

We should ensure that all the systems are up to date, and software updates are done on time.

Timely Data-backup

Timely backup of data is advised to ensure cases of a breach happening.

Ensure Data Quality Control Protocols

quality control protocols should be ensured to monitor what is being done with the data. Strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the employer or your co. IT Department.

Remote access restriction

In cases of using remote protocol tools like zoom TeamViewer, proper implementation restriction measures should be taken. Ensure that you always keep your remote access closed unless and until you want to open it and use your system.

Cloud Security

Implement appropriate security protocols for cloud computing.

Prioritize data access

Privatization of data access needs to be practiced to only those who need the data.

Restrict data access

proper rules should be applied to ensure that what data is being accessed and what is being done with the data. Only use trusted apps provided by your employer for your video conferencing and your integration with your system.

Restrict Personal Usage

Use a laptop and its devices issued by your employer only,  do not use your personal systems or devices for your official work.

Ensure what you send/Receive

Beware of the fake message and avoid sharing meeting links on social media channels. Reconfirm the link with the center sender before opening it at.

These are some Easy COVID19 Cyber Security Tips for Professional to Work-from-Home. Contact us if need further help.

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