Server hardening

Server hardening

Our Server hardening service helps organizations strengthen their server’s security by implementing best practices and disabling unnecessary services and software. This process involves a thorough review and analysis of the server’s configuration, patching and updating vulnerable software, disabling or removing unnecessary accounts, and implementing additional security measures such as firewall and intrusion detection and prevention systems. Server hardening helps to protect a system from malicious attacks and unauthorized access.

It is important to keep the server configuration up to date by regularly reviewing and patching any vulnerable software. Additionally, disabling unnecessary services and accounts, implementing a firewall, and deploying intrusion detection and prevention systems can help to protect the server from malicious attacks. Further measures such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and regular backups can further reduce the risk of unauthorized access and data loss.

Server hardening is essential for any organization as it helps to protect its systems from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. By implementing best practices and disabling unnecessary services, organizations can reduce the risk of data loss, compromise, or theft. Additionally, it helps organizations comply with security regulations and standards, ensuring that customer data is kept safe and secure.

Our Server Hardening Service is designed to help you secure your servers by making sure that:

  • Your servers’ operating systems are updated regularly
  • You use strong passwords and secure authentication processes
  • Your third-party software is regularly patched and protected
  • Your host’s local firewall and antivirus are being used effectively
  • The specific computing platform(s) you use is hardened based on CIS Benchmarks.


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