Active directory policy implementation

Active directory policy implementation

Our Active Directory Policy Implementation process configures the active directory policies to control user access, enforce security best practices, and ensure compliance with regulations. This process involves creating and configuring Group Policies objects (GPOs), which define how users access resources and applications on networks. Active Directory policy implementation helps organizations maintain system security and meet compliance requirements.

Active Directory Policy Implementation is important because it helps organizations maintain system security and reduce the risk of data loss or theft. By creating and configuring GPOs, organizations can restrict user access to certain areas and enforce password policies, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Additionally, Active Directory policy implementation helps organizations meet compliance requirements, ensuring that customer data is kept safe and secure.

Our Active Directory Security Advantages

  • Configuration Visibility: We first concentrate on the current state of an organization’s Active Directory Environment.
  • Identification of Attacks: Finding effective attack vectors and the plan to detect, mitigate, and prevent them.
  • Minimal Impact: Best practices have been customized with the business process to reduce the harmful impact.
  • Report on Remediation: We outline all the identified issues along with the mitigation procedure to be followed to develop a plan of action.
  • Tailored Recommendations: The guidance focused on being influenced by existing technology investments to enhance the company’s security posture.

What We Offer

After the assessment, the team creates a report based on the identification and recommends an effective security plan. During the assessment period, top security concerns have been noted and explained the best way for the clients to mitigate and prevent the issues. The major things with which we facilitate our clients are:

  • Broad security recommendations are provided based on Windows System Auditing
  • Security suggestions are given based on Domain Controller Auditing
  • Guidelines are given of best modes to follow with current technologies and operational processes for Active Directory Security
  • Guide to hardening Active Directory and mitigations


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