ICS Security

ICS Security

Our ICS security, or Industrial Control System security, focuses on protecting industrial control systems from potential cyber threats. This may include protecting the networks, devices, and systems that control monitor, and manage physical processes, such as manufacturing, water and power transmission, and other industrial operations. ICS security can include a variety of measures, from network segmentation and encryption to access control and vulnerability management.

Security threats to manufacturing and process systems are coming from a wide range of attack vectors including supply chain, logistics, enterprise computing, remote connections, operator stations, programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems (DCSs), smart sensors and new smart devices. In order to best build and operationalize a protection strategy, katalusys has aligned its ICS Security practice with the IEC 62443 standard.

 Additionally, ICS security is important because it can help organizations comply with industry regulations and standards. Proper security measures can also help organizations respond quickly and effectively to security incidents, ensuring that their data is protected and their systems remain secure.


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