ISO 27001 Compliance

ISO 27001 Compliance

ISO/IEC 27001 is an international information security standard designed to guide businesses that are trying to formulate and implement an information security management system (ISMS).  The 14 domains covered under the standard are – Information security policies; Organization of information security; Human resource security; Asset management; Access control; Cryptography; Physical and environmental security; Operations Security; Communications security; System acquisition development and maintenance; Supplier relationships; Information security incident management; Information security aspects of business continuity management; and Compliance – with internal requirements, such as policies, and with external requirements, such as laws.

We help organizations comply with the ISO 27001 standard, ISO 27001 Compliance is the international standard for managing information security within an organization. It requires organizations to implement and maintain an effective information security management system (ISMS). The ISMS ensures that confidential data is kept secure and protected from unauthorized access or misuse. ISO 27001 also includes controls covering access control, encryption, physical security, system availability, patching, and vulnerability management. Compliance with the standard helps to ensure that your organization’s data is properly safeguarded and protected from security threats.

How we can help you get ISO 27001-certified?

Understanding your business and information gathering: The first phase of the process involves gaining a deep understanding of your business and security environment, identifying target areas, and acquiring all the data necessary to design and implement a robust ISO 27001-based security framework tailored to your needs.

Risk and vulnerability assessment: In phase two, our security analysts conduct a risk assessment and scan your IT environment for vulnerabilities. We use a variety of assessment tools and methodologies such as penetration testing and security gap analysis to get a clear picture of your risk environment and significant threat vectors.

Classification of vulnerabilities and setting priorities: The vulnerabilities and risks identified in the previous phase are then classified and prioritized to design a risk mitigation plan based on ISO 27001 security controls. Our analysts will help you prepare a comprehensive security policy with actionable steps for strengthening your security infrastructure, as per the controls defined under ISO 27001.

Formulating an information security management plan: The last phase of the process consists of developing a final information security management plan and a clear roadmap that includes all the steps necessary to get you ISO 27001-certified. This will not only put you on the path to compliance with ISO 27001 but also help you meet several other international security regulation requirements.


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